City Council Could Remove Some Stop Signs

Stop signs on Egg Harbor Road at Georgia Street & 8th Avenue could be removed in the future if the Sturgeon Bay City Council Tuesday approves a recommendation from the Parking and Traffic Committee. The recommendation indicates that the stop signs would be taken down after a period of public education had gone by. The matter was brought up by Alderman Bob Schlicht during the recent meeting of the Parking and Traffic Committee. Schlicht said he was hoping to find a way to alleviate traffic congestion and allow residents easier access to Egg Harbor Road, especially during the Bay View Bridge closure in 2013.

City Engineer Tony Depies & Police Captain Dan Brinkman said they favored removal of the stop signs. However, it was also pointed out that the signs should remain in place until a final determination on how the intersection will function is made and the public is adequately informed of the changes.

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