Chimney Fire in Jacksonport

Quick work by members of the Jacksonport Fire Department kept a chimney fire from causing more serious damage Tuesday evening at a home in the Town of Jacksonport. Fire Chief Tom Ash says his department was paged out at about 6PM & five units & crews were sent to the scene. They found the fire had extended to the walls. Firefighters opened up the walls & used extinguishers to put out the blaze with minimal damage. Chief Ash said the homeowner had fired up the wood burner in the living area to take the chill out of the house, but quickly realized there was a problem. Ironically, the chimney was scheduled to be cleaned on November 2nd. Chief Ash says the chimney fire should serve as a reminder to those using wood burning heating units to have their chimneys cleaned as soon as possible & to make sure their furnaces are in good working order now that the home heating season is upon us. Fire crews checked back into the station shortly after 9PM.

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