Cement Truck Overturns Near Baileys Harbor

A cement truck overturned on the highway north of Baileys Harbor Tuesday morning. Shortly after 11:30, a 21 year-old Sturgeon Bay man was northbound on Highway 57 driving a cement mixer truck from a local cement contractor, carrying a load of cement in the mixer. As he crested a small hill just north of Meadow Road he suddenly noticed a line of cars backed up ahead of him. He braked heavily and had to take evasive action. He turned the heavy truck to the right to avoid hitting the stopped vehicles ahead of him and it skidded into the east ditch. The cement mixer truck landed in the ditch at a sharp angle and then slowly tipped over due to the load of cement in the mixer. The driver said he was traveling at approximately 55 MPH and if he did not turn into the ditch he would have certainly struck the vehicles ahead of him. The driver sustained no apparent injury. Local authorities blocked off the highway from Meadow Road up to Grove Road while a detour sent drivers on a short alternate route. The closure lasted about 3 ½ hours while responders tended to the scene and the cement truck was pulled from the ditch and towed from the scene.

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