Brussels Woman Sentenced for Theft From Business

A woman who was accused of stealing more than $70,000 from her employer over a two year period was placed on ten years probation & sentenced to a year in jail in Door County court this week. Twenty Nine year old Jamie Englebert of Brussels entered no contest pleas to a dozen forgery counts & one charge of theft from a business setting. Nineteen other forgery charges were dismissed, but read into the record for the purposes of sentencing. The money was stolen while Englebert was an employee at Marchant’s Store in Brussels, a place where she had worked since she was 16 years old. The money reportedly was used to feed her addictions to drugs & gambling. She was able to cover the thefts for awhile because she had control of the books for the family owned business. Judge Peter Diltz said Englebert could cut her jail time in half by making restitution, eliminating 30 days for every $15,000 paid back. She must also maintain full employment, pay court costs & a $500 fine for each of three charges & avoid contact with persons mentioned in the court complaint.

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