Bridge Closure Will Bring More Visitors Through Sturgeon Bay

In anticipation of the closure of the Bayview Bridge in Sturgeon Bay in 2013, the general public is invited to add its input at a meeting Wednesday, April 11th to discuss ways that will provide residents & guests with a city that is easy to navigate & inviting during the bridge closure. The session, sponsored by the City of Sturgeon Bay & the Sturgeon Bay Visitor Center, will be held at the downtown Visitor Center at 8:30AM. Executive director Todd Trimberger says the bridge closure means many visitors will be traveling through the city, offering a great opportunity for local businesses…[audio:|titles=Todd Trimberger]
Trimberger says, with that in mind, a little brain storming is in order…[audio:|titles=Todd Trimberger]
A committee is already looking into the matter & has been asked to focus attention on such areas as corridor development & beautification, city wide directional signage, promotion/marketing/event planning, & funding. Trimberger says there may be many other areas that should be considered. That is where input at Wednesday’s meeting comes in.

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