Boys & Girls Club Fundraising

There’s a reason why so many non profit organizations seem as though they are constantly fundraising. The fact is, they have to. The Jim Larsen Boys & Girls Club of Door County is fresh off a highly successful fundraising golf outing, but planning for the next major effort is already underway. Heather Powell says the cost of providing programming for young people who use the club’s services is much greater than any fees generated. For instance the annual fee for a child joining the club is $10…[audio:|titles=Heather Powell – Cost]
Powell says, without going beyond the basics, the Boys & Girls Club must generate income of about forty seven thousand dollars…[audio:|titles=Heather Powell – Fundraising]
The Jim Larsen Boys & Girls Club of Door County is currently operating in two locations. The after school program in the fall, winter, & spring is located at the Sawyer Elementary School on the West side of Sturgeon Bay, & a cooperative arrangement with the Gibraltar school district provides space for the organization in Fish Creek. to learn more about the Jim Larsen Boys & Girls Club of Door County go to their web site.

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