Bies Backs Legislation on Local Control Over Roundabout Installation

State Representative Garey Bies has announced that he’s signed on to legislation that would give village, town & city governments the final say on whether the state can build a highway roundabout in their municipality. Bies says he believes local folks should have a direct say as to whether or not they want the circular traffic areas in their communities. The Department of Transportation is planning to install roundabouts at the intersections of Michigan Street & Highway 42/57 & Egg Harbor Road & Highway 42/57.

Bies says there are good arguments for putting them in, but he wants residents to have the opportunity to express their thoughts to local governments. The DOT intends to share its conceptual plan with the public this fall. The public comment period will follow either later in the year or in early 2014. The final designs will likely be completed by the fall of next year.


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