Bayview Bridge Project on Schedule

We all engage in a bit of wishful thinking from time to time. For those who would like to see the Bayview Bridge project in Sturgeon Bay end this week, a recent rumor to that affect seems plausible. However, the Department of Transportation says that’s not going to happen. A spokesman for the DOT says things are on schedule for completion of the upgrade by the end of the month. The original projection set the completion date before the 4th of July. Recently, the consensus was that traffic would be crossing the bridge before that date, but certainly not on June 20th, as some have said. This week, painters will continue blasting & painting on the north counterweight & flanking span sections. Electricians will continue with electrical controls installation & begin their control & machinery testing. The $4.8 million project began in March, the first time in three decades that a major project has been conducted to extend the life of the span.

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