Battling Invasives

A battle involving resources in the air & on the ground is being waged in this part of Northeast Wisconsin to beat back an invader threatening our shoreline. The invader is a thick, grassy kind of plant called phragmites that is prolific & is enveloping large areas while pushing out native plant species. However, residents trying to save the local environment are pushing back with the help of the Federal Great Lakes Initiative. Marnie Koeske, coordinator of the Door County Invasive Species Team based at the Ridges Sanctuary near Baileys Harbor, says a wide swath of lakeshore area is involved…[audio:|titles=Marnie Koeske]
Koeske says, in some cases the plant is being attacked with aerial spraying…[audio:|titles=Marnie Koeske]
Koeske says the Door County Invasive Species Team is always looking for volunteers to help in eradicating a variety of invasive species that have been found throughout the county. To learn more, visit the Door County Invasive Species Team’s web site

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