Baby Born at Shipwrecked

Here’s a story of a dedicated employee, a baby who couldn’t wait & a microbrewery that has earned a new designation. It all started last Thursday evening at Shipwrecked Restaurant & Brewery in Egg Harbor. Assistant manager Amanda Stout was close to her child’s delivery date when she went to work. However, at about 8:39PM, Amanda felt compelled to call general manager Joe Smith. Company spokesperson Jaime Forest picks up the story…[audio:|titles=Jaime Forest]
Jaime says Rori Michele Orlock arrived at the brewpub at 21 inches in length & weighing 8 pounds & 9 ounces…[audio:|titles=Jaime Forest]
Forest says the blessed event is expected to be the source of a lot of good natured fun at Shipwrecked…[audio:|titles=Jaime Forest]
Congratulations are in order for Amanda Stout & her brand new daughter, Rori.

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