American Folklore Theatre to Unveil New Name in May

The American Folklore Theatre has announced that it will unveil its new name during the annual Raise the Curtain fundraising event in May. Then, starting 2015, the theatrical company will begin using its new moniker on a regular basis. While there were a number of strong contenders already in the hopper, the organization looked to the community for feedback & name suggestions through February 14th. More than 300 names were received. The theatrical company based at Peninsula State Park has been called The American Folklore Theatre since 1990. Twenty years earlier, it began its life as The Heritage Ensemble. The idea of changing the company name has been part of the theater’s long range plan for more than seven years as it became more difficult to attract new writers & composers, the life blood of their original works. The Raise the Curtain fundraiisng event will be held at the Alpine Resort in Egg Harbor on Sunday, May 25th. Invitations will be mailed after April 20th.

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