Algoma City Administrator Supports of Tax Exempt Financing

Algoma City Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer Tom Reynolds says there is a lot to look forward to in 2013 for the City of Algoma, but one issue causes him some trepidation. Reynolds says tax free municipal bonds have landed in the cross hairs of Washington DC as part of the fiscal cliff discussions. The City of Algoma relies on the use of these bonds to finance many projects…[audio:|titles=Tom Reynolds]
Reynolds says the economic implications of this decision could be far reaching & would affect more than just local governments…[audio:|titles=Tom Reynolds]
Concerned citizens should contact their representatives in Washington to voice their opinion…[audio:|titles=Tom Reynolds]
Retaining the exemption is critical to the fiscal health of the City of Algoma & Algoma Utility & to their ability to reliably & cost-effectively serve the community according to Reynolds. Algoma City Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer Tom Reynolds can be reached at 487-5203 or you can email

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