4th Avenue Project Nearing Completion

Fourth Avenue in Sturgeon Bay could be re-opened to traffic as early as next week, but, then again, maybe not. It all depends on the weather. City Engineer Tony Depies had been confident that the downtown street project could be completed before the 4th of July, but an extended period of favorable weather has pushed the opening date to as early as Friday, June 22nd. However, a single rainy day could move the opening to the following week. The 4th Avenue progress report indicates that:
-The concrete road pavement was finished on Tuesday.
– Pedestrians using the street are still warned to be aware of fresh concrete as the last of the sidewalk work is scheduled for later this week.
– Asphalt patching is scheduled for next week
– A plan providing access to the city parking lot has been developed & the lot can be available for temporary use by June 22nd.
– Street lights will be put in place next week.
-Trees & grading will be completed by June 22nd & signs & pavement markings will be scheduled for the 21st.

Depies says a solution that would allow for completion of alley work has yet to be found. He notes that every alternative includes a risk that additional damage could be done to the buildings. That means alternatives continue to be evaluated & a completion date undetermined. Depies says traffic will be blocked in the alley, but an effort will be made to finish the access from Kentucky Street next week.

As the project comes to an end, thanks is being extended to everyone for their patience & understanding. Depies says businesses have been supportive & the public accepting & gracious. He says that kind of attitude makes Sturgeon Bay a place where contractors want to work. Depies believes that, because of that atmosphere, the city receives more competitive prices when bidding out work.

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