139 Dead or Dying Trees to be Removed from Peninsula Park Golf Course

One hundred thirty nine dead or dying conifer trees will be removed from the Peninsula State Park Golf Course in the near future. The work is expected to take about four weeks. The golf course will remain open through Sunday, November 2nd. It may be necessary at times for certain holes or fairways to be temporarily closed. The trees were impacted by the application of a broadleaf herbicide in 2011. At the time, the herbicide was approved for golf course applications. Later, it was determined to be damaging to evergreen trees and the Environmental Protection Agency stopped the sale of the product which goes by the name Imprelis. The DNR reached a settlement with Du Pont, the company that produced the herbicide, through a class action lawsuit. The settlement addresses the remediation of the Peninsula State Park Golf Course. The plan calls for the removal of the Imprelis affected dead and drying trees, a tree care program for trees showing signs of stress due to chemical application, and funds allocated for the replacement of all impacted trees.

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