Three State Champions for Strivers

The Door County YMCA Strivers Gymnastic Team competed in the YMCA State Tournament this past weekend at the Lincoln High School Fieldhouse in Manitowoc.

The Strivers had three State Champions-  Level 7 gymnast Miya Eliyah won Gold in the All- Around and balance beam.  Stevie Routhieaux won gold on the Floor exercise in Xcel Gol and Sophia Sternard won her gold on vault in Level 2.

Level 7 Gymnast Miya Eliyah

The Strivers had 11 second place finishers:
Miya Eliyha (Level 7) vault and bars.
Spohia Sternard (Level 2) bars.
Abby DeClark (Silver) bars.
Lilliana Carmody,(Silver) vault, bars and All-Around.
Desirae Guilette, (Silver) bars and beam.
Julia Gregory (Gold) bars.
Kylie Newton (Gold) bars.

Winning Bronze for the Strivers were:
Kylie Newton (Gold) beam and All-Around.
Desirae Guilette  (Silver) All-Around.
Lilliana Carmody (Silver) All-Around.
Chloe Maccaux (Level 6) floor.
Lauren Pratt (Level 2) floor.

The Strivers Team  captured an additional 23 individual medals from gymnasts placing in the  top 30% of their divisions. They were Level two gymnasts Alexa Jiminez-Seyfer,  Shylee Asher, Sophia Sternard, Lauren Pratt, and Jozlynn Burlo.  Level six gymnasts Alaina Schopf, Mallory Barker, Maddie Barker and Calla Hansen.  Silver gymnasts Abby DeClark, Claudia Garcia, Lilliana Carmody and Desirae Guilette. Gold gymnasts Julia Gregory, Eliena Kerscher and Kylie Newton.

The Strivers came home with two team trophies as the XCel Silvers won the second place trophy while the XCel Golds finished in third place.

Striver highlight for the season was Level 7 gymnast Miya Eliyha went undefeated all season.

14 Striver gymnasts have chosen to compete at the YMCA Gymnastic Nationals in Toledo, Ohio at the end of June. All 36 Striver gymnasts qualified for the 2018 YMCA Gymnastic Nationals.  The Team is coached by Nikki Pollman, Gerritt DeJonge, Amy Gamble, Heather Haese and Mikki Rankin.

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