Strivers Results from Green Bay Meet

The YMCA Striver Gymnastics Team competed in the Green Bay YMCA Invitational Meet at downtown YMCA Gymnastic Center earlier this month.  The Striver Team sent gymnasts in seven different levels to compete. Within those levels, gymnasts are awarded by age.

Level 1
Team Trophy 2nd place out of five teams.
Estelle Duerst: 1st in All Around, 2nd on beam/vault/bars, 5th on floor
Megan Quarderer: 3rd on beam/vault, 4th in All Around.
Shalyn Asher: 3rd on floor

Level 4
Sophia Sternard: 1st on vault/beam/floor, 2nd in the All Around.

Level 6
Laci Lautebach: 1st on floor

Level 7
MaKiala McCambridge: 3rd on vault

Level 8
Miya Eliyha: 2nd on beam

Excel Silver
Savannah Guilette: 1st on floor, 4th in All Around
Shylee Asher: 1st on bars, 2nd on floor/beam, 3rd place trophy in All Around.
Jozlynn Burlo: 3rd on floor, 4th on bars/beam and All Around.
Madison Voight:  1st on floor
Alexa Jimenez-Seyfer: 4th on floor, 5th on beam.

Excel Gold
Team Trophy 1st place out of six teams.
Abby DeClark: All Around vault and floor Champion, 4th on bars, 5th on beam.
Amira Anschutz: 2nd place trophy in All Around, 2nd on floor, 4th on bars/beam, 5th on vault.
Lauren Pratt: 3rd place trophy in All Around, 1st on bars, 2nd on beam.
Eliana Kersher: 3rd place trophy in All Around, 2nd on bars/floor, 5th on vault.
Anna Iberra: 2nd on floor/vault, 3rd on bars, 4th in the All Around.
Abu Tooley: 1st on beam, 4th in All Around.
Taylor Newton: 6th on floor.

Level 1
Excel Gold

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