SD Boys, Algoma Girls Win Track Quad

The Southern Door boys and Algoma girls won the Algoma Quad on Tuesday. Abbi Sitte and Evan Henry (Gibraltar) Carissa Bartels and Marcus Marchant (Southern Door) Bobbi Blahnik, Sydney Zimmerman and Dane Johnson (Algoma) all won two events each.

Southern Door
Carissa Bartels 100 (1st) Triple Jump (1st) Long Jump (3rd)
Marcus Marchant 110 Hurdles (1st) Triple Jump (1st) 300 Hurdles (3rd)
Evan Wheaton Shot Put (1st) Discus (2nd)
Maggie Grota 800 (1st)
Lydiah LeCloux 1600 (1st)
Nick Baudhuin 100 (1st)
Alex Montana 100 (2nd) Long Jump (2nd)
Ben Kielar 3200 (2nd) 1600 (3rd)
Anna Olson Pole Vault (2nd)
Hailey Shimon Discus (2nd)
Marlen Ramirez 800 (2nd)
Sam Dean 1600 (2nd)
Kyle Conard 200 (2nd)
Eli Mancheski High Jump (2nd)
David Hoida 100 (3rd)
Suhani Patel 400 (3rd)
Shawn Stanzel 200 (3rd)
Grant Englebert 400 (3rd)
1600 Relay 1st (Grota, LeCloux, Riley Nellis, Patel)
3200 Relay 1st (Grota, LeCloux, Ramirez, Patel)
400 Relay 1st (Baudhuin, Montana, Marchant, Stanzel)
1600 Relay 1st (Dean, Englebert, Gavin Woodgate, Conard)
3200 Relay 1st (Dean, Englebert, Kielar, Ben Slezewski)

Evan Henry 1600 (1st) 3200 (1st) High Jump (3rd)
Abbi Sitte 200 (1st) High Jump (1st)
Abbey Fitzgerald Long Jump (1st) 200 (3rd)
Brady Ash High Jump (1st)
Jack Hitzman 800 (2nd) Triple Jump (2nd)
Bria Caldecott High Jump (2nd) 100 (3rd)
Nina Sitte 100 Hurdles (2nd)
Connor Thompson 800 (3rd)
Victor Jauregui 110 Hurdles (3rd)
Nico Salm 3200 (3rd)
400 Relay 1st (A. Sitte, Fitzgerald, N. Sitte, Sarah Daubner)
800 Relay 1st (N. Sitte, Daubner, Fitzgerald, A. Sitte)

Sydney Zimmerman 100 Hurdles (1st) 300 Hurdles (1st) Triple Jump (2nd)
Bobbi Blahnik Shot Put (1st) Discus (1st)
Dane Johnson 200 (1st) Pole Vault (1st)
Brett Benesh Long Jump (1st) 110 Hurdles (2nd) 300 Hurdles (2nd)
Max Schoening Discus (1st) Shot Put (2nd)
Colleen Dachelet 3200 (1st) 1600 (2nd)
Oliver Robertson 400 (1st) Long Jump (3rd)
Brevin Robertson 800 (1st)
Marie Prodell Pole Vault (1st)
Chase Peronto 300 Hurdles (1st) Triple Jump (3rd)
Payton Panger 300 Hurdles (2nd) 100 Hurdles (3rd) Triple Jump (3rd)
Hannah Wessel Shot Put (2nd) Discus (3rd)
Liberty Ansorge 400 (2nd) 800 (3rd)
Elija Ritchie Shot Put (3rd)
Noah Paszczak Pole Vault (3rd)
Ericka Berger High Jump (3rd)
Sydnee Guilette Shot Put (3rd)
Jared Huettl Discus (3rd)
800 Relay 1st (Benesh, Johnson, Peronto, O. Robertson)

Team Results

Southern Door 113
Algoma 87
Gibraltar 54
Oconto 6

Algoma 94
Southern Door 86
Gibraltar 44
Oconto 29

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