O/P Large All Conference- Offense

A total of 40 players were named Olympian/Packerland All-Conference.  Joey MacDonald of league champion Roncalli was named the offensive player of the year.

1st team- Caleb Johnson- Kewaunee
2nd team- Mitchel Neubauer- Southern Door
HM- Dylan Zwick,- Wrightstown

1st team- Joey MacDonald- Roncalli (Unanimous), Austin Kassner and Austin Richard- Kewaunee
2nd team- Nolan Wagner- Southern Door, Pete Ellis- Wrightstown, Graham Hasse- Brillion
HM- Lucas Stephenson- Sturgeon Bay

1st team- Mitchell Gerend- Southern Door (U), Jesse Kleiman- Kewaunee
2nd team- Trey Bumgardner- Sturgeon Bay, Marty Ellis- Wrightstown
HM- Trevor Hawkey- Southern Door, Peter Metzler- Kewaunee

1st team- Doug Fabry- Wrightstown
2nd team- Josh Erickson- Roncalli
HM- Logan Brusky- Kewaunee, Jerod Bruckner- Chilton

1st team- A.J. Craig- Wrightstown (U), Vinnie Propson- Chilton (U), Nathan Miller- Roncalli (U), David Steinhorst- Kewaunee, Spencer Fricke- Roncalli
2nd team- Joey Sheehy- St. Bay, Casey Giesseman- St. Bay, Mitchell Overbeck- S. Door, Josh Kuehl- Kewaunee, Deangelo Johnson- Brillion
HM- Trevor Haack- St. Bay, Cal McCarty- S. Door, Casey Christian- Kewaunee, Nathan Beining- Wrightstown, Toney Rider- Brillion, Ben Lang- Valders, Ben Hertel- Chilton

1st team- Keegan Kroening-  Southern Door
2nd team- Brandon Wallersheim- Chilton
HM- Jack Berndt- Wrightstown

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