Laughlin, Geiger, Cole Among DCL Hit Leaders

Sister Bay’s Bubba Laughlin is currently leading the Door County League in hitting followed by Ben Geiger of Washington Island and Griffin Cole of West Jacksonport.  Riley Cordier of West Jacksonport has a league high 40 strikeouts and Sam Forkert of Sister Bay has 39.

*Stats reported by league managers

Top 20 Batting Averages

Bubba Laughlin, Sister Bay .520 (13X25)

Ben Geiger, Washington Island .464 (13X28)

Griffin Cole, West Jacksonport .462 (12X26)

Eric Lardinois, Kolberg .450 (9X20)

Tom Sawyer, Sister Bay .440 (11X25)

Sam Forkert, Sister Bay .423 (11X26)

Kyle Volkman, Institute .417 (10X24)

Josh Paul, Institute .409 (9X22)

Drew Tanck, West Jacksonport .375 (9X24)

Tory Jandrin, Maplewood .368 (7X19)

Nolan Wagner, Baileys Harbor .360 (9X25)

Stewart Larsen, Sister Bay .357 (10X28)

Caleb Cornell, Washington Island .346 (9X26)

Matt Petersilka, Institute .346 (9×26)

Woody Schartner, West Jacksonport .333 (7×21)

Mike Zimmerman, Institute .333 (6×18)

Dusty Johnson, Sister Bay .321 (9×28)

Cody Giesseman, Egg Harbor .320 (8×20)

Matt Hecht, Sister Bay .318 (7×22)

Tyler Wagner, Baileys Harbor .313 (5×16)

Home Runs

Austin Rohe/Daniel Case- Baileys Harbor

Casey Giesseman/Nick Posh- Egg Harbor

Tory Jandrin/Adam Gutschow- Maplewood

Tucker Emerson/Bubbla Laughlin- Sister Bay

Ben Geiger/Mitch Schreiber- Washington Island

Woody Schartner- West Jacksonport

Riley Cordier (WJ) 40K

Sam Forkert (SB) 39K

Ernie Erickson (K) 36K

Nick Brauer (M) 26K

Daniel Case (BH) 25K

Josh Paul (I) 19K

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