Henry and Stenzel Win CC Titles

Gibraltar’s Evan Henry and Olivia Stenzel of Sevastopol won their respective races at the Packerland Conference cross country meet at Gibraltar on Thursday.  Henry won the boys race by finishing :09 seconds ahead of Tyler Lund of Peshtigo while the freshman Stenzel won the girls race by finishing :06 seconds in front of fellow freshman Lydia LeCloux of Southern Door.  The race winners were also selected as Packerland Conference players of the year while the top 7 finishers are first team all conference and 8-14 are second team.  Southern Door won the girls team title and Peshtigo won the boys team title.

Girls Results
1.  Olivia Stenzel- Sevastopol
2.  Lydiah LeCloux- Southern Door
3.  Alana Finger- Peshtigo
4.  Katrina Salmen- Peshtigo
5.  Elena Lewis- Kewaunee
6.  Gracie Englebert- Southern Door
7.  Maggie Grota- Southern Door
8.  Allison Alberts- Sturgeon Bay
9.  Lexi Rentmeester- Kewaunee
10.  Alli Spitzer- Algoma
11.  Viola Smith- Peshtigo
12.  Colleen Dachelet- Algoma
13.  Kenzie Daust- Sturgeon Bay
14.  Faith Fenendael- Algoma

Team Results
1.  Southern Door 53
2.  Kewaunee 73
3.  Sturgeon Bay 90
4.  Peshtigo 90
5.  Sevastopol 102
6.  Algoma 102

Boys Results
1.  Evan Henry- Gibraltar
2.  Tyler Lund- Peshtigo
3.  Karl Meier- Southern Door
4.  Evan Smith- Sturgeon Bay
5.  Josh Woller- Oconto
6.  Cole Trimberger- Peshtigo
7.  Connor Preston- Algoma
8.  Reid Marquardt- Peshtigo
9.  Josh Pfieger- Sevastopol
10.  Caleb Smith- Peshtigo
11.  Ben Kielar- Southern Door
12.  Izaak Polecheck- Sturgeon Bay
13.  Kyle Stoll- Oconto
14.  Sam Dean- Southern Door

Team Results
1.  Peshtigo 50
2.  Southern Door 59
3.  Sevastopol 71
4.  Gibraltar 79
5. Oconto 83

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