Gibraltar Moving Forward With Eight-Man Football

Gibraltar High School will continue with the process of switching to Eight-man football for the 2013 season.  As the result of action taken at Tuesday night’s Board of Education meeting, Athletic Director Kirk Knutson said that Gibraltar is taking the next step in the process….[audio:|titles=Kirk Knutson- moving forward]
Knutson added that they are working on the schedule for next year—teams in the area that played 8-man in 2012 were NEW Lutheran, Three Lakes, Stockbridge, Oneida Nation and Elkhart Lake/Glenbulah. Knutson also said that the coaching staff is working to communicate with the community on the upcoming changes…[audio:|titles=Kirk Knutson- Communicating with Community]Eight- man football is played on a an 80 X40 yard field. Depending on the formation used, the eliminated players are commonly two tackles and a wide receiver on offense and two defensive backs and lineman on defense.

Full interview with Kirk Knutson:

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