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Door County Cross Country Ski Report for December 26, 2012
Door County missed out on the heavy snowfall seen by some parts of the state last week. None of the trails are in great condition but there is skiing available in the county. If you have friends with private property in the Sturgeon Bay area that groom, that may be your best bet as the area just north of Sturgeon Bay received the most of what little snowfall we had. Trail groomers have been out working some areas and report the following conditions:

Potawatomi State Park  Conditions: Could not groom after the snow last week because the snow was too wet. There was a layer of wet snow/mush on the ground. On top of this mush we have 2-3″ snow. When the roller compresses the snow into the mush the roller packs up with snow and won’t roll. Because the top layer of snow is now acting as an insulator we will have to get a good cold spell before the mush freezes. Temperatures in the 20’s are not enough. 12/21/12

Whitefish Dunes State Park  Conditions: Mother Nature played another cruel one on us and left less than 2″ of snow on the trails at Whitefish Dunes, so while there is a little whiteness on the trails, it is hardly enough to groom until we get more. 12/21/12

Crossroads at Big Creek  Conditions: Trails at the Crossroads rolled Friday evening December 21st and again on Christmas Day. Approximately 2.4″ of snow initially and then another inch on Christmas Eve. It has frozen nicely into a good base. There is fair skate skiing currently but there are not tracks yet for classic. We do have bare or thin spots but where there is a good snow cover the trails look good. 12/26/12

Peninsula State Park  Conditions: There are trace amounts of snow of up to about three inches but the ski trails are not yet groomed or open. Snowshoe/hiking trails are open. Please remember that hiking and snowshoeing are not allowed on ski trails.

Newport State Park  Conditions: 2-3″ of snow but has not been groomed yet. Bare spots in open areas; conditions are not suitable for skiing just yet.

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