Cross Country Ski Report

Report provided by the Door County Silent Sports Alliance

Door County Cross Country Ski Report for March 28, 2014

Six inches of new snow fell here in Sturgeon Bay in the early morning hours of March 27th.   The snow is very wet and temperatures are hovering near or above freezing with rain in the forecast – these are not conditions that groomers can do much with.  If we get some colder temperatures, some park groomers may go back out and roll the trails or put down new tracks but some parks have already put their equipment away for the season.  Eeven when the trails are far from perfect it still can be fun to get out and enjoy the trails before biking season begins.  Discover the joys of spring skiing!

Potawatomi State Park  The park got 4 inches of new snow on March 27.  With the forecast temperatures above freezing and rain, grooming the trails may have to wait until the evening of March 28.  Presently the snow is soft, wet and not recommended for skate skiing.  (Gene Kastenson)

Crossroads at Big Creek  Six inches of new snow fell overnight Wednesday which has now covered ice and bare spots on trails.   However the grooming equipment has been put away for the season.  You are welcome to ski if you like but you may be breaking your own trail.  You might consider tuning up your bicycle now!   (Dick Weidman)

Whitefish Dunes State Park With 6-7″ of moist dense new snow on the ground, current temps on either side of the freeze mark, and more rain or snow tonight, people are calling the park to check on skiing conditions. The forecast is for a low of 17 Friday night, warming to 33 and sunny on Saturday.   So, the plan is to roll a reduced portion of the trails before dawn Saturday morning and then set track, with the expectation to be done before 9:00 am.  If it doesn’t get below freezing Friday night then all bets are off, because grooming snow above freezing just doesn’t work.  Considering that April is almost here, if you want some enjoyable end of the year skiing, now is the time. (Rich Dirks)

Peninsula State Park  No current report from groomer.  Park website indicates Conditions as of Wednesday, March 26, 2014 – Snow depth varies up to 16 inches. Spring conditions exist throughout the park, watch for icy/slippery areas.   Ski trails are in fair to poor condition. Grooming trails has come to an end.   

Newport State Park  Outgoing message on Newport’s phone indicates that as of March 25 there is spring skiing conditions, fast track with fair to good conditions.  Grooming will be limited in the month of March but it is asked that hikers remain off the ski trails and that snowshoers please respect the track. (Dale Krolich)

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