Clippers Win Harris Cup

The Sturgeon Bay boys and girls track and field team finished in second place and combined for 174 points to win the Harris Cup at the Door County Classic Meet at Gibraltar on Monday. The Sevastopol girls and Southern Door boys took team honors while Abbey Fitzgerald (Gib) and Kyle Conard (SD) won MVP.

Boys Results
100- Alex Montana (SD) Kyle Conard (SD) Ricky Carlson (SB)
200- Kyle Conard (SD) Alex Montana (SD) Carson Dvorak (SB)
400- Spencer Evenson (Sev) Carson Dvorak (SB) Mason Massart (SD)
800- Bailey Henrickson (Sev) Spencer Hubbard (SB) Scott Andreae (Sev)
1600- Spencer Hubbard (SB) Scott Andreae (Sev) Marcus Hayes (Sev)
3200- Ben DeNamur (SB) Glenn Faller (SB) Collin Grota (SD)
110 Hurdles- Kaden Borkovetz (SD) Andrew Kluth (SD) Marcus Marchant (SD)
300 Hurdles- Sam Abel (Sev) Andrew Kluth (SD) Kaden Borkovetz (SD)
Shot Put- Logan Beyer (Sev) Ricky Carlson (SB) Gannon Evers (SB)
Discus- Logan Beyer (Sev) Brodie Overbeck (SD) Landen Hintz (SB)
High Jump- Victor Jauregui (Gib) Espen Walker (SB) Eli Mancheski (SD)
Pole Vault- Gordon Hodges (SB) Connor Thompson (Gib) Ezra Linnean (Sev)
Long Jump- Alex Montana (SD) Kyle Conard (SD) Nick Baudhuin (SD)
Triple Jump- Kyle Conard (SD) Spencer Hubbard (SB) Marcus Marchant (SD)
400 Relay SD (Montana, Borkovetz, Baudhuin, Marchant)
800 Relay Gib (Angel Jauregui, V. Jauregui, Thompson, Alex Scoon)
1600 Relay SB (Hodges, Dvorak, Xavier Jandrin, Evers)
3200 Relay SB (DeNamur, Elijah Bailey, Faller, Andrew Konop)

Girls Results
100- Kylee Duessler (Sev) Kelsey Christiansen (Sev) Rylee Krishka (Sev)
200- Kylee Duessler (Sev) Abbey Fitzgerald (Gib) Lauren Alger (SB)
400- Olivia Stenzel (Sev) Jade Tomberlin (SB) Lydiah LeCloux (SD)
800- Olivia Stenzel (Sev) Kylie Newton (Sev) Lydiah LeCloux (SD)
1600- Olivia Stenzel (Sev) Bea Dramm (Sev) Julia Kurek (SB)
3200- Julia Kurek (SB) Bean Dramm (Sev) Brooke Strege (SD)
100 Hurdles- Cate Anderson (SB) Lauren Alger (SB) Alexa Nelson (SB)
300 Hurdles- Lauren Alger (SB) Cate Anderson (SB) Alexa Nelson (SB)
Shot Put- Hailey Shimon (SD) Madelyn Wind (SB) Molly LeCloux (SB)
Discus- Hailey Shimon (SD) Alliana Dufek (SD) Brooklyn Brauner (Sev)
High Jump- Abbey Fitzgerald (Gib) Laci Lautenbach (Sev) Hannah Sternard (SB)
Pole Vault- Kylie Newton (Sev) Marley Turner (Sev) Danica Neville (SD)
Long Jump- Abbey Fitzgerald (Gib) Zoe Kuehn (Sev) Hannah Sternard (SB)
Triple Jump- Abbey Fitzgerald (Gib) Zoe Kuehn (Sev) Hannard Sternard (SB)
400 Relay Sev (Christiansen, Duessler, Krishka, Lautenbach)
800 Relay Sev (Christiansen, Krishka, Kuehn, Lautenbach)
1600 Relay SB (Tomberlin, Lilianna Carmody, Grace Felhofer, Grace Faller)
3200 Relay SD (LeCloux, Marilyn Ramirez, Beyounce Hernandez, Strege)

Southern Door 93.5
Sturgeon Bay 85.5
Sevastopol 55
Gibraltar 26

Sevastopol 89
Sturgeon Bay 88.5
Southern Door 52
Gibraltar 27.5

Sevastopol Girls Team Champions
Sturgeon Bay Harris Cup Champions

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