Cal Ripken Results

The Lions picked up their first win of the season in the Sturgeon Bay Cal Ripken League in games played on Wednesday at Sunset Park.

Lions 11
Door County Co-op 7
WP- Taylor Schaefer
Lions:  Curt Meyer Jr- 2 hits (Home Run) Jaden Diller- 2 hits (Home Run) Jack DeYoung- 3 hits, Derrick Schinkgton- 2 hits, Nick Peterson- 2 hits, Taylor Schaefer- double, Johnny Ahlswede- single.
Co-op:  Tommy Junion- 2 hits (Home Run) Kevin Krauel- 2 hits, Garrett Ulberg- double, Frankie Ash/Caden Pierre- single.

Kiwanis 12
Rotary 6
WP- Joey Jeanquart
Kiwanis:  Christian Counard- 3 hits, Hunter Malvitz/Jonas Jandrin- 2 doubles. 
Rotary: Blayre Writt- 2 doubles, Cal Ellefson/Taylor Laughlin- double, Sam Zirbel/Tommy Cochart/Luke Vanderleest- single.

Nicolet Bank 4
Bayship 1
Bank: Tyler Neinas- 2 doubles
Ships:  Keaton Will- double, Blake Guilette- single

Kiwanis 4-0
Nicolet Bank 3-1
Bayship 2-2
Lions 1-2
Rotary 1-2
Red Room 1-2
DC Co-op 0-3

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