Cal Ripken Results

The Door County Co-op, Lions and Kiwanis were winners in games played on Monday in the Sturgeon Bay Cal Ripken baseball league at Sunset Park.

Door County Co-op 5
Red Room 3
WP- Kevin Krauel Save- Frankie Ash
C:  Reece Lauder- 2 run single, Tommy Junion- 2 hits, Zach Rhodes/Kevin Krauel- single, Garrett Ulberg- 2 runs scored
R:  Finn Stuth/Calvin Richard/Cole Frangipane/Brady Kita/Jared Hawkey/Ryan Melville- single

Kiwanis 21
Nicolet Bank 11
WP- Joey Jeanquart
K:  Jonas Jandrin- 3 hits, Hunter Malvitz/Will Jandrin/Matthew Malvitz/Joey Jeanquart- 2 hits, Christian Counard- Grand Slam
B:  Danny Lodl/Jack Peterson/Cash Nellis- 2 hits, Tatum Routhieaux/Keith House/Oliver Matthews/Tyler Neinas- single

Lions 10
Rotary 2
WP- Derik Schinkgton
L:  Jack DeYoung/Taylor Schaefer- 3 hits (Home Run) Curt Meyer/Derik Schinkgton/Nick Peterson/Jaden Diller- 2 hits, Mason Motquin/Braylon LaRoche- single
R:  Blayre Writt- 2 hits (double)

Kiwanis 10-0
Nicolet Bank 6-4
Red Room 5-5
Lions 4-5
Rotary 4-5
Bayship 3-6
DC Co-op 1-8

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