Big Cup Winners

Idlewild Golf Course has announced the winners of their Big Cup event held recently.

1st place with a 19 under par 53- team of Rick Heesaker, Carla DuQuaine, Matt DuQuaine and Larry Cherney.

2nd place with a 14 under par 58- team of Stan Rittner, Wayne Rittner, Brock Rubens and Nate Crilly.

3rd place with a 13 under par 59- team of Mary Aiken, Paul Burlo, Sue Burlo and Carl Beckstrom.

18 Week Andre’s Scamble League Winners

1st place- team of Jeff Peterson, Jim Bilski and Jocko Rader

2nd place- team of Joe and Harley Hoffman, John Potier and Duane Lardinois.

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