WPS Warns of Phone Scammers

The Wisconsin Public Service Corporation is issuing a warning to businesses and residents to be mindful of a sharp surge in scam phone calls. In recent days at least 100 scam attempts have been made in a single day by persons impersonating WPS employees to fraudulently obtain money. The scammers have targeted a variety of businesses throughout the service area, mostly in the Green Bay area, but in nearby counties as well. In once case a business fell victim to the scam and paid hundreds of dollars. Sometimes they disguise the call to overcome caller ID, in others they claim the need for immediate payment to prevent the power from being turned off. They ask for a pre-paid card to cover the payment.
WPS emphasizes that their employees will never require payment by prepaid cards and will not solicit payment in a threatening manner. If you get a suspicious call immediately call WPS at 1-800-450-7260. Their employees will quickly verify if the customer has received a legitimate call from the energy company and also verify the customer’s account status. Remember, be careful whenever you get such a call, don’t give out any personal information.

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