Wheel Tax Could be Coming to Sturgeon Bay

Ideally, the City of Sturgeon Bay would like to do street upgrades every 30 years or so, but, due to current circumstances, mostly financial in nature, the average is closer to 62 years. City Administrator Josh VanLieshout was tasked with coming up with funding options that will generate the funding needed to expand the annual number of street repair projects. VanLieshout said generating $490,000 annually would help shrink the 30-year street repair gap. He said a local motor vehicle registration fee, commonly referred to as a “wheel tax,” would provide the added revenue. VanLieshout said residents would pay a fee in addition to their usual vehicle registration fee with the state. He explained how the funds would be collected…

Mayor Thad Birmingham said, of the options available, the local motor vehicle registration fee would offer the fewest drawbacks for the city and individual citizens…

Mayor Birmingham suggested the council take some time to study the idea. With that in mind, council-members instructed the city administrator to develop a sample ordinance for future consideration.

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