Weborg Retiring as Ephraim Fire Chief

After 34 years, Niles Weborg has stepped down as Fire Chief for the Village of Ephraim. He took over the department’s top spot in 1981. Weborg will continue as a firefighter, adding to the 56 years he has already accumulated with the fire department. Chief Weborg has a long list of accomplishments to look back on. The opening of the fire museum on Highway 42 in Ephraim is one of them. The museum is dedicated to a son who lost his life in the line of duty. The chief also made it his goal that his fire crews were trained to the highest level. And, during a tenure spanning more than three decades, many buildings and lives were saved because of the men who responded and the quality of his leadership. A retirement celebration will be held in August for all emergency personnel. Later in the month, an open house in Ephraim will give the general public a chance to thank Niles Weborg for his years of service.
Ephraim’s Assistant Fire Chief, Justin MacDonald, has been selected to lead the department as its new fire chief. He has been Assistant Fire Chief for the past seven years.

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