Water Pump Causes Early Release at Sevastopol School

A balky water pump caused the Sevastopol School District to close the school in Institute at 11:30 Tuesday morning. School was called off on Monday after the electrical pump 200 feet down in the well showed signs of low pressure. The pump was restarted and the water tested and everything seemed well for 12 to 14 hours, but the pump started to show signs of variable pressure. As a precautionary measure, bottled water was obtained while a determination was sought as to why there was a periodic loss of pressure. As things stand now, the safety of the water is not the main concern. The loss of pressure means the school’s bathroom facilities are affected. The decision was made to send students home early, bring in a contractor, obtain parts and pull the pump. Once the repairs are completed, the water will be tested and the focus will return to education rather than whether or not the toilets will flush.

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