Water Main Breaks on 15th Ave in Sturgeon Bay

A water main break on 15th Avenue, near the WDOR studios in Sturgeon Bay, caused an icy mess Wednesday. A crew from Sturgeon Bay Utilities was on the scene for several hours, making repairs, before leaving during the early afternoon. A utility spokesman said it was the seventh time that a repair project on underground pipes had to be mounted in the city this winter. There are differing opinions as to why the pipes break, but many believe shifting ground is the main cause. In this case, the break was in the middle of the pipe & the repairs will constitute a permanent fix. Water service was affected during the project which was characterized as being relatively easy when compared another break on Egg Harbor Road made more difficult by the other utilities nearby. Many communities in northeast Wisconsin are reporting increased work due to water main breaks which typically happen at the end of the winter season when there’s a transition from cold to warmer weather.

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