Voters Will Decide on Premier Resort Tax in Spring Election

The Sturgeon Bay City Council approved the idea of establishing the city as a premier resort area. Having the designation would allow the city to add a half a cent to the state sales tax locally to generate revenue earmarked for accelerating the program to upgrade streets and sidewalks. However, before that happens, the process calls for a referendum to determine public opinion. That matter will be presented to the voters of the city at the spring election. But, even with the public’s blessing, the premier resort area designation may not happen. State Representative Joel Kitchens told the council that the idea would have to be included as part of the next biennial budget and would have to survive the governor’s veto. Still, if the city was granted the premier resort area designation, the half a cent sales tax could generate as much as $800,000 annually. An ad hoc committee that studied the street situation in the city recommended pursuing the status.

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