Update on Michigan Street Project in Sturgeon Bay

Sturgeon Bay City Engineer Tony Depies says the Michigan Street makeover project is up and running, but off to a rough start. Depies says the first step in the process is to apply a “tack” coat to the existing asphalt. The process is intended to reduce the likelihood of large areas being lifted by plows in winter and to keep the roadway from developing the grey and black striped appearance that the pavement currently has. However, the “tack” machine developed a leak and repairs were stymied by sticky material that has collected around the leaky part. Depies says the first pass of material is intended to fill depressions and raise sunken utility crossings to being nearly level. He says the second pass Tuesday will level the road and the final pass will create a uniform wearing surface. The plan is to complete the first phase from Sturgeon Bay High School to 4th Avenue by Tuesday evening. With rain expected late Tuesday and all day Wednesday, the start of the second phase of the project could be delayed. That said, it’s anticipated that the first phase of the makeover, from 12th to 4th Avenue, could reopen by Wednesday morning or as early as Tuesday evening. The road will close for the second phase of the project as soon as possible.

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