Two ATVs Lost Through Thin Ice Saturday

Two couples went through the ice while traveling on the bay near the Sugar Creek boat landing in the Town of Gardner Saturday shortly after 4:30PM. According to the accident report, the two ATVs, led by a 54 year old Luxemburg man, had traveled to Rite’s Point and were on their way back, following the same route, when the man looked back and saw that the other machine, about 100 yards away and operated by a 53-year old Oneida man, had gone through the ice. He said he slowed down to turn around and his ATV broke through. The two men and their passengers, were able to get out of the water, but broke through the ice several more times before deciding to crawl on their stomachs until they got to firm ice and were able to continue walking. The group made it to land near Whitestar Road. They were checked out by paramedics and it was determined that no treatment or transport was needed. The two men were given contact information on how to recover the ATV’s.

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