Sturgeon Bay Utilities Providing Lead Testing Program

Sturgeon Bay Utilities is informing some city residents about concerns related to elevated levels of lead in drinking water for some homes or buildings. A couple of thousand homes built before the mid-1940’s could be affected. The local utility says prolonged exposure to lead can cause serious health problems, especially for pregnant women or young children. That’s why the utility is working with Pace Analytical Services of Green Bay to provide a testing program for concerned residents. The cost is about $20 per sample. Sturgeon Bay Utilities recently received a DNR grant of $300,000 to replace pipes at multiple locations. The city has been replacing lead laterals for several years and is now down to less than 100 that need replacement, but the elevated lead levels is a cause for concern. The brochure sent to homes and businesses lists a number of things affected residents can do to alleviate the problem. For more information, call 1-920-746-2820 or visit

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