Sturgeon Bay School District Dropping Long Term Care

What had once been a benefit for employees of the Sturgeon Bay School District as now become a liability and so, with regret and reluctance, the board of education Wednesday voted to drop a long term care insurance benefit that has been offered for 18 years. Superintendent Joe Stutting said the school board’s decision to go to a different insurance provider changed the status of a benefit that was once affordable…
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With the cost increasing by over 20% and the prospect of spending $168,000 on the benefit next school year. StuttingĀ and the school board came to the realization that it was something the district could not afford any longer.

However, with the prospect that some employees and retirees could lose out because of the decision, the final outcome was reached following a great deal of soul-searching. Board Member John Hauser said that’s why the subject was brought up duringĀ 3 separate meetings…
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Stutting said those who have been part of the group for 10 years or more have an option to buy out the plan, but the cost is very steep. Others who have paid in for less than 10 years will lose all of their investment.

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