Sturgeon Bay Police Body Cameras

In a recent press release, the Sturgeon Bay Police Department informed us that they have issued each officer an Axon-3 Body Worn Camera for use when they are on duty. Actually, officers began wearing these cameras on March 9th. Captain Dan Brinkman had this to say concerning their first month with the cameras……

Some reasons behind the decision to implement body cameras include the desire to increase transparency of operations and reduce litigation, to protect officers from false accusations, improve officer safety, collect evidence for trial, and to improve community relatioins. Officers cannot erase or edit any recorded data. Captain Brinkman says another reason is events in the news around the country lately……

There are 3 ways the cameras are triggered to begin recording: when the squad’s emergency lights are turned on, when the lock on the squad’s gun rack is released, or manually when an officer is on foot patrol.

The Sturgeon Bay Common Council fully supported this implementation, and a 5-year contract was signed totaling almost $109,000. The contract includes 20 cameras, various licenses, storage, and related equipment. If there is a camera malfunction or new technology replaces old, new cameras will be sent at no cost as part of the contract’s Technology Assurance Plan.

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