Sturgeon Bay Considering Accessory Dwellings

Should accessory dwelling units be allowed in Sturgeon Bay residential areas? The city council wants to answer that question, but is seeking public input before making a final decision. By definition, an accessory dwelling unit is a smaller secondary unit in addition to the principal dwelling on the lot. Often referred to as “granny flats” or “mother-in-law apartments,” the extra unit can either be a stand-alone structure or be incorporated into the principal dwelling in Door County, often serving as guest quarters. During debate, council-member Barb Allmann said allowing the units in residential areas would devalue property close to them…

But alder-person Kelly Catarozoli said having an accessory dwelling unit in some neighborhoods is actually an asset…

The council approved the city plan commission recommendation in support of the idea on a four to three vote with council members Allmann, David Ward and Ron Vandertie voting “no.”
The action triggers a public hearing before the council. Following the hearing, the text amendment would have to be approved by a majority on the city council via votes on two readings.

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