Sturgeon Bay Common Council Meeting Summary

At Tuesday night’s Sturgeon Bay Common Council meeting, they had scheduled 2 public hearings to discuss levying special assessments upon property for curbs, gutters, and sidewalks along 14th Ave and for the alley next to Kitty O’reily’s. There were no speakers either for or against the assessments, and here Mayor Dave Ward tells us what happens next with those assessments……

Then the Council unanimously approved the boundaries and project plan for the new Tax Incremental District #7. Ward details the two parts of that approval and explains the actual parcel of land………..

In closed session, the Council discussed right of way acquisition of the land to connect Grant Ave and Sawyer Drive. The property owner does not want to sell, so the city is engaging in the imminent domain process and currently formulating a fair price for that property. The Council also approved a resolution for the sale of general obligation promissory notes. Ward discusses this early action due to the interest rate………

The Council also approved a recommendation from the City Finance Committee to accept the city’s 2021 financial audit report and have it placed on file. Now the next Common Council meeting will not be until Tuesday June 7th.

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