Sturgeon Bay Approves Recycle Container Plans

A plan to dump the blue containers used for recycling in Sturgeon Bay in favor of two 96 gallon “Toter” containers, one for garbage & one for recyclables was approved by the Sturgeon Bay city council during its regular meeting Tuesday. The city’s solid waste fund would pay for the estimated $425,000 cost of the new containers. The effort to find savings is the reason behind the changeover which centers on a system that can be done mechanically. City employees would no longer have to pick up the bins because new trucks slated to replace the current vehicles will have mechanical arms that pick up the containers & dump them. It is believed that substantial savings could be realized each year because operating & workman’s compensation costs are projected to be less under the mechanical system. In addition, if some residents opt not to put out the larger containers every week, there may be fewer pickups on the regular route. The bins being considered have a ten year warranty.

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