Stop Sign Removal Tuesday

Based on recent action taken by the Sturgeon Bay City Council, stop signs on the Egg Harbor to Jefferson Street route will be removed Tuesday. Traffic on Egg Harbor to Jefferson Street will be given the right of way and can flow freely in both directions through the intersections at Georgia Street and at North 8th Avenue. This means that the stop signs will be removed from Egg Harbor Road, but will remain for both eastbound and westbound Georgia Street and for southbound North 8th Avenue. As a reminder, orange flags will be placed on the remaining stop signs and plaques below each sign will state that “Cross Traffic Does Not Stop”. Drivers will need to give right of way to all vehicles, including bicycles, when turning from Georgia Street and North 8th Avenue onto that stretch of roadway. During most periods of the day, getting onto Egg Harbor Road will not be a problem as gaps in traffic should occur several times each minute.

During the busiest traffic periods, if left turns onto the Egg Harbor Road and Jefferson Street route are too difficult, drivers may consider an alternate way to access the route. Westbound traffic on Georgia Street could make a right turn onto Egg Harbor Road, then an immediate left onto North 8th Avenue and then left onto Florida Street. From there, drivers can access Jefferson Street via a right turn by using any street from North 7th to North 3rd Avenue.

Eastbound traffic on Georgia Street may consider instead taking Florida Street to 8th Avenue and taking a right turn onto Egg Harbor Road and an immediate left onto Georgia Street, North 12th or North 14th Avenues before returning to Egg Harbor Road. This alternate route could be used by southbound traffic on 8th Avenue that needs to go North on Egg Harbor Road. The alternate routes would only be needed during the busier traffic periods when a left turn onto Egg Harbor Road takes too long.

Motorists are also reminded to yield to pedestrians at these and all intersections throughout the city.

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