Still No Progress on Waterfront Hotel Mediation

Sawyer Hotel Developer Bob Papke has expressed disappointment that mediation to resolve the impasse over a west side waterfront property matter is not scheduled. State Representative Joel Kitchens was asked to moderate a meeting on the matter, but was unable to get the two sides to agree on a meeting date and a time. In a news release issued Thursday, Papke indicated that the City of Sturgeon Bay had asked him to build a hotel on the west side almost three years ago. He said the hotel management has approved city permits, state permits, financing, builder, designer, management team and all of the other elements to provide a vibrant west side business. Papke also said he liked the idea of having the hotel provide the tax payments to cover the cost of the waterfront improvement planned for the community. He added that it’s time to work together to get the community improvement done, noting that having dirt piles on the waterfront is an eyesore. Papke expressed appreciation to Assemblyman Kitchens for his leadership and work on behalf of the community in his attempts to resolve the impasse.

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