Spilled Soda Leads to Accident With Utility Pole

A spilled can of soda led to a traffic accident Tuesday evening involving a utility pole near the corner of Memorial Drive and Utopia Circle. 42 year old James Shuda of Sturgeon Bay told the investigating officer that, as he attempted to pick up the can of soda, his Dodge Durango veered off the roadway and collided with the power pole, causing severe damage. Shuda was not injured. He was cited for inattentive driving and failing to have insurance coverage on his vehicle. A crew from Sturgeon Bay Utilities was tasked with replacing the utility pole Wednesday. Sturgeon Bay Utilities General Manager Jim Stawicki says the cost for a 40-foot cedar utility pole is about $1,000. However, since the pole on Memorial Drive involves a more complicated situation, and its replacement could take the better part of a day, the final bill could be in the four to five thousand dollar range.

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