Special County Board Meeting: Facemask Mandate?

There will be a special meeting of the Door County Board of Supervisors Friday morning at 9:00. The main topic of this meeting will be face masks and if they will be recommended or if there will be a mandate. Many questions will be considered, such as if it falls within the powers and duties of the local health officer or the county board. Does it protect public health? Can it be implemented, or is it practical? Would such an order or ordinance be enforceable? Will the public find it reasonable and will they engage in voluntary compliance? There will be a time designated for public comment. If you have an opinion on this subject, you can also share your thoughts by contacting your County Supervisor, the County Board Chairman, or the County Administrator. Again this meeting starts at 9:00 am Friday and it will be in the County Board Room at the Government Center in downtown Sturgeon Bay. The public is welcome to attend, but please remember there is limited in-person capacity. Attendance will be available on a first-come first-served basis. Otherwise you can attend the meeting virtually by using the link found with this meeting’s agenda:


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