Southern Door Takes Analytical Approach to Budget Cuts

There are many ways to cut a budget, but even the most logical approaches can have unintended consequences. That’s why the Southern Door school district is using an analytical approach to making cuts in the future. Earlier this week, Superintendent Patty Vickman briefed the board of education on a recent training program on the “Trego-ed” system that she completed along with Principal Gary Langenberg & school board President Chuck Bretl. The system takes the budget process & breaks it down into several elements. Participants are able to make an appraisal of their individual situation, prioritize a list of potential actions, & work toward the goal of forming a budget that will do the least harm to the district mission & values. Southern Door is facing an undetermined budget deficit for next school year. As part of the effort to develop a budget document that will work within the context of projected cuts, each member of the board of education was given the task of coming up with ten parts of the budget they feel are valuable.

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