Southern Door Referendum Fails, Island Referendum Passes

The voters in the Southern Door School District voted against exceeding the state imposed revenue cap by $936,000 for the next two school years on a non-recurring basis by a vote of 1,091 No votes to 1,067 Yes votes. The district had asked for the funding to maintain current educational programs and services. According to referendum information the “No” vote may mean current programs and services will be reduced or eliminated, academic staff positions could be further reduced, class sizes increased, athletics and co-curriculars could be reduced or eliminated, and further district wide staff could be reduced or eliminated.

On Washington Island voters approved exceeding the revenue limit by $538,500 next school year and by $570,500 in 2018-19. The votes were 258 Yes to 139 No. The Washington Island School District asked for the funding for operational costs on a non-recurring basis.

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