Southern Door 5th Graders Raise $38,343 for CP Telethon

For over 50 years, the Southern Door 5th graders have raised donations for the annual C.P. Telethon on Green Bay’s WBAY TV-2. This has historically been in association with the school’s annual 5th grade musical production. Every year, the 5th graders begin collecting donations right after the Christmas break. Yesterday the 5th grade class appeared on the telethon program to present their grand total of donations raised for Green Bay’s C.P. Center this year, $38,343.
This was the 70th annual C.P. Telethon hosted by WBAY, and it’s the country’s longest-running local telethon still airing on the same channel. This year, the telethon raised a grand total of over $1,469,000 for the C.P. Center. We would like to recognize and thank the Southern Door 5th graders for their very sizable donation which helped the telethon reach their grand total.

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