Skatepark Initiative Makes Final Payment

The Sturgeon Bay skatepark is free and clear of debt. The group that spearheaded the construction of the west side facility has announced that a payment to the city for the bridge financing it provided has been made, closing the books on the effort that raised nearly $450,000 for the project. Matt Dixner-Young, who with Laurel Hauser co-chaired the fundraiser, says the initiative is a good example of how a public/private enterprise can provide a recreational asset, in this case a safe, public place for kids to skateboard in Sturgeon Bay…

The Sturgeon Bay Skatepark Initiative was formed in March of 2011 and, three years later, had raised over $400,000 in cash and pledges. The City of Sturgeon Bay agreed to advance $42,500 against outstanding pledges from donors, allowing the park to be built immediately. That funding has been reimbursed. Dixner-Young says he’s proud that the skatepark is being utilized in the way the group envisioned it would be…

Dixner-Young says the Sturgeon Bay Skate Park Initiative proved that a grassroots organization can partner with local government to accomplish good things for the community.

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