Sheriff’s Department Warns of ATM Thefts

The Door County Sheriff’s Department is urging businesses that feature automated teller machines(ATMs) in or near their operation, to take the steps necessary to protect their business and equipment. Tuesday evening, a shop south of Sister Bay was burglarized and an ATM was stolen. The machine was later found in Clark Lake. Last year, an outdoor ATM was taken from Fish Creek and a few years ago, another ATM was stolen from a tavern in Fish Creek.
Businesses are being asked to consider the following…
-Install video cameras
-Anchoring the unit securely in place with anchor bolts
-Consult security recommendations when placing an ATM on your property
-Limiting the amount of cash left in the machine.
-Avoid keeping large amounts of cash on the premises.

Law enforcement says ATMs are targeted because they’re accessible and known or presumed to be well stocked and easy to remove the cash inside.

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